The Story Box project in the news!
Posted on: 15/11/2014

The Story Box project, one of the first projects to start getting of the ground in the Cateran’s Common Wealth programme, made the Courier and the Blairie this week!


storyboxMarian Bruce, Producer of The Story Box


The Story Box is a community audio artwork and oral history project which aims to capture the sounds of the town of Alyth and its people as a historical record of a rural community. Sound artists will work with local people to record stories, memories, anecdotes and other sounds from the present; oral histories, music and songs from within living memory and re-create stories and sounds from the distant past. The artists will also work with young people to envision the stories, songs and sounds from the Alyth of the future.

You can read the interview with Marian Bruce (in the photo above), who came up with the idea and who is producing the project, in the Courier here.